In scattered digital world, we help you find yourself.

¬†At Brand Design Mentors, we specialize in personal branding for professionals. Our mission is to guide you through the chaos of the corporate world, helping you define your identity and stand out. With our support, discover your unique strengths and make a lasting impact in your career.”

branding design

We'll create a tailored plan to help you define and boost your personal brand. This includes figuring out what makes you unique and who you want to reach.

website design & development

We'll design a look for your brand, including things like logos, colors, and fonts, so you stand out and look professional.

Digital presences

We'll set up and improve your online presence, like your website and social media profiles, to show off your personal brand and attract the right attention.

digital marketing

Drive engagement through digital marketing collateral, including banners and email campaigns.

we do personal branding

Personal branding shapes how you’re perceived globally. It’s your online image, reflecting who you are, your values, and what makes you unique.

It acts as your unique identifier, aiding in memorable impressions. Cultivate chances for success in both professional and personal spheres. Curious to delve deeper? Reach out and discover more!

Who need Personal Branding?

brand design mentors


Professionals in any field

Professionals in any Level

Entrepreneurs/Business Owners


Community Leaders

How do we build your personal brand?

Step 1: Getting to Know You

We learn about your journey, carrier, goals and what makes you special. We believe every one of us are special.

Step 2: Planning Your Brand Strategy

We craft a plan to showcase your uniqueness and reach the right people with a custom strategy for your brand.

Step 3: Making Your Brand Look Great

We design logos, colors, business cards, CV, letterhead, and visual elements to enhance your brand's appearance.

Step 4: Establishing Your Online Presence

We set up your online spaces like social media and your personal website and give tips on what to post.

Step 5: Creating Content and Connections

We create interesting content like blogs or videos, tips on making online opportunities and connections.

Step 6: Monitoring Your Brand

Continuously monitoring your brand's performance, suggesting improvements, and providing updates to make your brand even better.

It's 2024 only a CV is outdated!

  • Personal Logo or Monogram
  • Personal Business Cards
  • Personal Stationery (Letterhead, Envelopes)
  • Personal Website or Blog
  • Social Media Profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Portfolio (Physical or Online)
  • Professional Photos or Headshots
  • Resumes or CVs
  • Bio or About Me Page
  • Testimonials or Recommendations
  • Email Signature
  • Personal Brand Guidelines or Style Guide
  • Published Articles or Blogs
  • Networking Tools (Pitch, Introduction)
  • Content Creation

Why Branding ?

Your Personal Brand : Why it's Important Today
Why Having Your Personal Website Matters for You

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer affordable starting prices for our services, typically beginning at $50. However, our pricing varies based on the complexity of each project.

A personal website is like your online business card. It helps people know who you are, what you do, and what you’re good at. It’s a great place to show your work and share your thoughts, making it easier for people to see why you’re special.

The time needed to build a personal brand varies based on individual goals and strategies. It can take several months to establish a strong, recognizable brand.

Yes! Establishing a personal brand early in your career helps you differentiate yourself in the job market, showcase your skills and potential, and stand out among other candidates.

Yes, a strong personal brand can significantly aid in career advancement by enhancing visibility, attracting opportunities, and establishing credibility.